The General Brothers
Guitar & Voice
Author of the original music of the band. Since the beginning, when Andrea and I were an acoustic duo, my path has been clear. Sharing our music and message. Getting people together, singing and dancing, and feeling all right, every day. Let the positive energy and vibration take over. Pure magic.
Harmonica, percussions, keyboard & voice
After many years of music experiences as a duo, we felt the need to find a more complete sound. The band is a fundamental step in order to find the right rhythm and spirit. Here we are now, we are a band. Different energies and personalities, music and rhythm with no end. We love performing together.
Lead guitar
Initially, we met casually in an unexpected music venue. Some meetings take you, unexpectedly, to something really cool. We’ve started performing together and playing great, from the very first time. We are on a common road now, taking our music as far as we can.
During music university studies we had the chance to meet many musicians and friends. Only some of them lead us to a new and original band, and it is fantastic. My goal has been to bring and adapt my own rhythm to the band's rhythm from the beginning. Putting different energies and music influences together is what creates a new and catchy sound. Music is the answer.